This is a selection of pictures and details of my ST24.  I had made many modifications and spent far too much money!


Outside The Car
This is a picture of the outside of the car.  18" wheels, tinted windows, red rear lights and a twin exit powerflow exhaust.

The Boot Build
The boot is taken up with the sub enclosure, amps and graphic eq.  The subs are 12" JL Audio W3.

The Screen
This picture shows the custom made dash panel that incorporates the 5.8" widescreen display.  Currently displaying Coyote Ugly DVD in case you were wondering!

The Shows
My car went with me to many shows.  This picture is one of my favourites and was taken at Donny Essex.

This is my Mondeo ST24, and is probably better referred to as a toy than a car.  It was a demo car for and was pushing out in excess of 150dB.  The In Car Entertainment (ICE) system was controlled with an Alpine CDA-7894RB CD/MP3 head unit, which went to two DLS amps - an A3 which is a Dual Mono amp that drives the Focal PolyKevlar 165K2 speakers in the front doors, and an A6 Mono Block amp, which powered three JL Audio W3-12 subs.  There was a Phoenix Gold Titanium graphic equaliser to set the exact frequencies going to the speakers, and there were two Phoenix Gold line-drivers to purify and amplify the signal from the head unit to the amps.  In the boot there was also a Phoenix Gold Bass Cube, which is a remote controlled bass enhancer (controlled by a custom unit where the cigarette lighter goes), and a 1 farad power capacitor to ensure a good clean power supply to the amps.  The amps were covered by a sheet of clear perspex with a blue neon hidden behind it.
In the front of the car, there was a custom made dash panel, which housed a Necvox 5.8" widescreen display.  The display showed the output from the Centurion DVD player, Centurion TV tuner, Alpine satellite navigation system, and the Sony PlayStation.
The car itself was heavily modified also.  The car sat on 18" Team Dynamics Monza wheels and had 40mm lowered suspension with Koni top-adjustable shocks.  Under the bonnet, the upper and lower inlet manifolds and throttle body had been replaced with the Mondeo ST200 spec parts, as these are larger and let more air in.  To let the exhaust gasses out, there was a custom Powerflow twin exit exhaust fitted.  With this extra power that the car had, it was important to make sure it would stop well, so it had EBC Turbogroove brake discs and green stuff pads fitted.
Aesthetically, the car had its badges removed, to create a cleaner look.  The windows had been tinted and the rear lights had been sprayed red.  Inside, the door handles had bright blue LED's fitted in them to make them glow, and as the dash had been modified to cater for the screen, the clock had been moved to a custom panel below the radio.
With all these modifications, it is important to keep the car secure, so it had a Category 1 Clifford Concept alarm and immobiliser, and a cool blue LED!
This car has been featured in November 2002 edition of Fast Ford!


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