A bit about me...




As I said on my home page, and as you probably know by now, I'm Neil Trowbridge.  I live in Pulborough which is a village in West Sussex.  I am married to Jacqui and we have daughter, Emma and another baby on the way!

I work in IT, currently for CompuCredit UK as the Infrastructure Team Leader.  This involves me managing a team of 5 staff, who ensure the server and network infrastructure are kept running, and infrastructure related projects are completed as required.

I have a quite a few hobbies and interests that take up much of my time.  I am into all kinds of gadgets, computers, cars, DIY, photography, music, films - the list goes on!

We moved to Pulborough in August 2008.  We bought the house from Jacqui's parents and since then I have spent many hours knocking down walls, fitting a new kitchen and utility room, converting a garage and re-wiring a lot of it.  The cost is mounting up rather quickly, but at least I enjoy doing the work.

Jacqui and I met through a car club that I was one of the founders of.  We got married in September 2006 at the Ravenswood Hotel in Sharpthorne - a beautiful venue (check out the pictures on the Wedding page).  Since then, we have had a girl, Emma, who is becoming more and more cheeky by the day.  Jacqui is also pregnant with our second child.